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Copy is not created by words, sentences and paragraphs only. The significance of copy is that your target audience understands what you imply. In which language should you write? Dutch, English, professional, idiomatic or accessible. spraak|stof can help with your online and offline texts and translations. Examples: brochure, user manual, promotional texts, web text, video script and social media posts! 


Why should you start a blog? To generate publicity. To explain. To inspire. To tell your story. And vital: to create links to your website. Blogging for the sake of blogging doesn’t cut it. A combination of the answers above does. Sharing knowledge, inspiring, informing and bonding with clients. Do you need a blogger? Ask spraak|stof for a consult, to edit your copy or to blog for you.




Websites today are no longer digital brochures. When should you choose for an informational web page? Which relevant assets do you possess? Which assets do your clients appreciate best? How should you advertise these online? And how can you persuade your (potential) clients to take action?

Once the basics are covered, decide which content, i.e. text, visual, video, etc. suits your website best. spraak|stof can help you getting started, generate content or maintain your website for you. 

Social Media


Social media for business. Useful or a waste of time? Choose the media your target group is on.  B2C is very different from B2B, let alone the rate of the developments. Remember that social media presence contributes to your score in search engines. spraak|stof can help with your social media strategy, manage your accounts and create content.

Managing communication

That sounds peculiar! There is more management to communication than you might think. For example: preparing (participation of) an exhibition, fair or symposium, recording a corporate video or making a presentation and conducting it. spraak|stof can help. 

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